About Paytrak

Paytrak specializes in providing real-time labor market data. The applications in the Paytrak family includes data of over 5M jobs per month from over 1.5M companies. The key elements include open positions by job title per company and location, the length of time these positions stay open and their expected pay. Our core focus is to help companies understand the market demand for each job in order to make decisions on pay and to set expectations on filling the positions.

Paytrak (www.paytrak.net) is a web-based application and is a simple menu driven interface used to respond to rate requests, list open jobs and provide a suite of charts to be downloaded and included in presentations.

Job Market Alerts (www.jobmarketalerts.com) is a text-based application that notifies users of changes in the job market and provides real-time responses to rate requests. Job Market Alerts also includes an interactive two-way text interface where the user initiates a query by texting job title and location and immediately receives a response with the number of current openings and projected time-to-fill in addition to national and local market rates.

Rate Request Integration (www.api.paytrak.net) is a small snippet of code that can be copied into an application or web site resulting in a button that once selected will provide a response of current job openings, projected time-to-fill, and current market rate by job title and location.

All of these applications can be used on a stand-alone basis or can be “white labeled” and integrated into other products or web pages.

The dataset powering all Paytrak products is provided by Greenwich.HR (www.Greenwich.HR), a leader in real-time job market data.